To design and construct a set, keeping in mind international theme and local design challenges

Client Geo TV

Pakistan idol 2014


Pakistan Idol was a challenging project where our we got a chance to work with as a team with Geo tv networks and FremantleMedia Ltd.
As the brand already has an image built up from around the world our challenge was to create an environment that is of no less standards than any other IDOL production within our limited resources here in Pakistan.

Our design team coordinated with Fremantle team in India and most of the approvals were from the Indian team. Our responsibility was in two major segments, First one was Piano round which was basic semifinal for the show and the next one was the grand finale.

Our design was almost edited at 18 different times on design stage while several changes were made on actual location.
Basic brief for this project was.

Piano Round

  • Location studio space 90ft x 45ft
  • Main SMD backdrop
  • Musician area
  • Audience 100
  • Contestants sitting area in audience
  • 3 judges area with a table counter
  • Graphic feel to be developed from the IDOL Bible

Grand Finale

  • Location Hall 300ft X 120ft
  • Main Stage
  • Contestant Area on stage
  • Multi entry options for contestants
  • Audience 250-300
  • 3 judges area with a table counter
  • Ambiance for the entire hall