THere aren't any ideal clients we make out clients ideal.

Painted Lens is crazy yet an inventive organization of production design artists that have fun in creating work of art ranging from a mere painting to actually making a real life three story grand structures. Try to push us for new ideas. Our visual design background makes us the quintessential concept developers and producers for the new age consumer media. Having a professional production design team we created Pakistan's first broadcast design firm. With our core team's specialty in art and design, we have been able to produce some quite unique projects for TV media.
Scenic design, art direction, environment design is our main forte. Passionate about elevating our design standards, we have created challenging projects in super short deadlines; we have also been one of its kind firms to integrate flawless kinetic art for game shows.
Our design studio consists of graphic designers, set designers, architects and art directors; our resource pool is so rare that creates bridge between other industries. We reside in Karachi, with artists and designers from the best art schools in Pakistan. This river of artists contributes to the company by assuring that project becomes an original yet trendy innovation for broadcast media.
Hence all of these elements make us Pakistan's first Broadcast design firm.
We like to support new talent in the media industry, so we support internship programs for students interested in working in digital media and production design.
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