A modern clean approach for a conventional set design.

Client Geo tv

Election headquarters 2013

Election headquarters Geo news 2013

Election cell was the trending project where the production design and transmission went parallel and flawless, visually the set design gave breakthrough to the conventional sets of such events and its modern clean approach was appreciated everywhere.

Our goal was to give a breathing space visually and this was achieved by creating minimal structure while with the bold colors we composed the space.This entire area had to be functional thus the design had to full fill all the requirements of a running news room where there is no room for errors However we managed to finish the design in time and got things executed and on place right how the entire team envisioned it.

Project Overview :

  • Area Hall 120 ft X 90 ft
  • Main area for News desk for at least 7 news anchors
  • 3 pocket sets
  • Workstations for at least 200 staff
  • Multilevel composition