Ramazan transmission set, with some innovation.

Client Geo tv

Amaan Ramazan

Amaan Ramazan Transmission Geo TV Network

This project was a major break through in the history of production design for tv, an entire ball room of a hotel was converted into an oriental space from where the Ramazan transmission was to be aired.

This entire set covering 120ftX90ft was constructed in 12 days. Multi level set was created by our team enabling its full strength, we made this impossible project possible in days and nights of restless work.

We bought the intricate props from Dubai and entire container of props was bought in to flavor the set in Arabic ambiance. Camels on the set were sculpted by finest of our Pakistani sculptors.

Project Overview :

  • Main area for Host + 5-6 seating
  • Area for Kids segment
  • Kitchen area
  • Quiz area
  • Audience 300-350
  • Area for gifts inventory